“Certification allows your organic or natural cosmetics to
be commercialized worldwide

The essentials

-environmentally friendly production and processing processes respecting also human health.

-development of the concept of green chemicals

-responsible use of natural resources

-respect of biodiversity

-absence of petrochemical ingredient (except for authorized preservatives): parabens, phenoxyethanol, perfumes and synthetic colorants

-absence of GMO

-recyclable packaging”

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B4Trees does consultancy on the ”Ecocert Organic Standard” – equivalent with EU organic
regulations EC No 834/2007 applied in low-income countries

We assist with:

  • Provision of overview of requirements of the standard
  • Training in all the requirements of the standard
    • Plant production
    • Wild collection
      • Collection areas
      • Transport
      • Storage
      • Accounts, traceability and documentation
      • Quality management
      • Labelling and invoicing
    • Exportation
    • Process handling
    • Beekeeping
    • Livestock
    • Grower group
    • Aquaculture
  • Elaboration of procedures of relevant requirement
  • Mapping of certified area
  • Internal control
  • Assistance with laboratory analysis of products
  • Assistance during certification audits

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